Bible Verses Deluxe

The Holy Word every day in your hands

This simple and beautiful iPhone, iPod Touch and Android application will give you a new verse from the Holy Bible every time you launch it. Just click the next button in order to display a new one, out of a selection of hundreds of great verses.

Save the best verses for later
If you like the verse of the day, just click on the favorites button and it will be saved in the favorites to make sure you can retrieve it at any time in order to read it again or discuss it with your friends and family.

Instant find
If you didn't think about saving a nice verse as favorite, the search option will help you find it in a few keystrokes.

Want more good news? This is FREE!
Because we consider the values of the Bible should be available to the majority, this application is made available on the appstore for free in the hope that it will help share the word. In order to cover some costs, it does however contains unobtrusive ads which are filtered not to offend basic christian values (i.e. you will not get ads for gambling or anything that is not 'family friendly').

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